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What we do

  • Planning/Consulting Services

    • Working with clients and their builders and contractors to ensure any project challenges that develop are solved in a timely, cost effective manner. Support clients ensuring they understand the requirements and building codes for their location, along with the standards and requirements from municipal planning departments, conservation authorities, and government agencies such as Oceans Research in Canada Alliance (ORCA), and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)
  • Design

    • Offering innovative designs and working closely with clients to translate their vision into practical plans for permits and contractors
  • Building Code Compliance and Permit Ready Drawings

    • Utilizing experience and expertise to ensure projects comply with local building code requirements and by-laws.
    • Providing building permit ready drawings to the appropriate agency, working as a liaison between building inspectors and clients to ensure the design surpasses both parties expectations and helping clients avoid making costly mistakes
    • Kenwood has surpassed all requirements and is certified with a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) as mandated by The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in Ontario.
  • We specialize in design and building permits for

    • Small Building (commercial/industrial)
    • Custom Homes/Cottages
    • Renovations/Additions/Interior Alterations
    • Garages/Workshops
    • Minor variances
    • Porches/Decks
    • & More
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